My Approach

Let me help you get unstuck from whatever issue is keeping you from living your best life.

My overarching approach to therapy is to develop a safe place where we can work collaboratively to help you better know and understand yourself and your relationships, and work on those issues that prevent you from living as fully and happily as you would like.

I do not adhere to one specific theory in helping clients deal with their problems. Instead, I view every client as an individual and use what will work best to fit their situation. My years of experience have taught me that people have different needs. I try to meet you where you are and we decide together what the goals of therapy will be. I am flexible and trained in various approaches including EMDR, psychodynamic, CBT, solution-focused, transpersonal, and body-mind healing therapies. By utilizing a multi-pronged approach, I have an interactive style of therapy, which incorporates practical cognitive/behavioral suggestions and homework to address and alleviate immediate symptoms. These approaches incorporate a psychoanalytically informed understanding that explores the bigger picture of how current dilemmas came to be the way they are. I believe that our past experiences affect the way we feel, think, and behave today.

I believe that therapy is a partnership experience. I am a big believer in humor as an effective way to help those in therapy and do have a lively style of working, interjecting some laughter and lightness into the therapy experience.

I also believe psychological growth and spiritual development are not disparate, but rather facets, which constitute the whole of who we are.

People come to me with painful life issues and I help them go beyond problem solving to build new tools for living. I believe that people get better not by getting rid of what they don’t like about themselves, but by learning how to create something new with what they have. In a supportive and safe environment, I create therapeutic conversations with my clients that help them give new meaning to their lives. I am committed to helping my clients grow emotionally and become more effective in their work and relationships.

So let’s get started in helping you achieve a happier, more fulfilling relationship now!

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